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Atlantic Fence Kennel

Atlantic Fence has many kennels and various pet enclosure options. In addition to our stock sizes, we can custom manufacture kennels to any size or specification.

Sturdy Construction

All of our pet enclosures are constructed of galvanized steel sturdy gauge chain link fencing and are made to last years, offering a high return on your investment. They are are built tough to weather the elements, no matter where they are located. These make for sturdy frames, providing your pet with proper protection.

Secure and Easy to Operate

The kennel doors are also easy to operate, and will keep your animals secure. Whatever your needs, we can create secure housing for indoor and outdoor use that will not only prevent your animals from escaping but will keep them safe from predators as well.

Customized Options

Our kennels are designed to either be permanent or mobile. Some other features include optional mesh fabric to provide comfort and privacy. We can create multiple segments within one large kennel for smaller animals, or removable segments for your growing pet. You can also get powder coating the enclosure to match a boarding house or animal housing facility.


Our kennels are versatile. You can use them to permanently house or temporarily contain birds, cats, or even small livestock like chickens or goats. Some customers have even used them as housing for ducks.

If you are in need of animal kennels of any size or shape, contact Atlantic Fence to speak to one of our customer service representatives for a consultation. Our reps have years of experience and will work with you to create solutions that will maximize the space you have. Our goal is to construct a secure enclosure that will not only keep your animals safe, but comfortable as well.

You take the time and effort to provide excellent care for your animals, allow us to offer you peace of mind that they will be secure and properly protected.

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