Fence Supplies - Both Wholesale & Retail

There's no need to run around stores like Home Depot looking for the fence supplies and fence parts you need. Simply choose what you'd like to read more about, then let us know how we can help by visiting our contact page or calling 410-796-4747.

chain link fence

wood fencing

stockade fence supplies
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Fence Parts & Other Materials - We Probably Have it and can DEFINITELY get it

We have so many fence parts we don't really know where to start. Including a list on the website would take an entire season, and by then we'd have thousands more to add. So... If you're looking for fence parts, whether easy or difficult to find, call us and we will be able to help: 410-796-4747

Fence Installation - We are Insanely Good at it

Why? Because we've been doing it for decades, and because we stock every fence part anyone could ever need. Because of that, we are never held up waiting for supplies and parts. Call us and we will be at your home or business measuring and working with you to figure out exactly what you need. So, don't worry if you aren't sure which kinds of materials you want to use to construct your fence. We will walk you through the entire process. 

residential fence installation

commercial fence installation

Fence Manufacturing - Same Week Service

Seriously. Call us on Monday and have your gate manufactured and installed that Friday. How do we do it? Because it's WHAT. WE. DO. ALL. THE. TIME. We have all the parts at our huge location where we manufacture everything. We aren't beholden to anyone, so we never have to wait to get things done. 

gate repair

cantilever slide gates
split rail swing gates

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