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Atlantic Fence provides temporary chain link fence panels in a variety of sizes for constructing temporary barriers. Temporary fencing is usually built into separate zones on a construction site, at carnivals and festivals, or to control large crowds during events like marathons and public holiday celebrations.

Fence panels are held together with couplers that interlock panels together making it portable and flexible for many applications. Counter-weighted feet will then support the panels. We offer a have a wide variety of accessories, as well, including gates, handrails, feet and bracing depending on the application. There are also many types of fence panel choices, including chain link or welded mesh.

We construct all of our panels and bases from sturdy galvanized materials and are easy to set up and tear down. Because they are so durable they will last for years to be used over and again. Once you have all your materials constructing the fence is simple. Panel ends will slip into the base and fasten together at the top with clamps to make a free-standing fence of any length. There is no digging required for installation, and the fences can be custom created to suit any situation.

Temporary fencing is also an excellent solution for temporary storage and theft deterrent. Consider using these fences on construction sites not only to set a perimeter but to organize the site for storage of materials and tools. You can customize them to create private areas, allowing for discretion for the project.

If you need temporary fencing for your next event or to create a safe construction site contact Atlantic Fence. Consult with one of our experienced customer services representatives to create the best solution for your particular need.