Split Rail Fence

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Atlantic Fence is the premier split rail fence supplier to Howard County and Anne Arundel County. Each rail is individually cut, creating a bucolic style that is functional as well. It is the simplest styles of fence to install. Posts may be set straight into the ground around 24 to 30 inches deep, without concrete. Stone or gravel can also be used to set the posts.

A true Split Rail Fence requires no brackets, nails or screws, and the rails are interlocked into the posts. Split Rail Fencing is one of the oldest types of fencing as is typically used in agricultural settings. Uses of this type of fencing in the United States date back hundreds of years.

Like the look of Split Rail Fencing but afraid your pets may get out of the yard, or other pesky crittters will get in the yard? Atlantic Fence easily solves this concern by offering 2”x4” galvanized, green or black welded wire to be installed on your split rail fence. We also stock 1” x 2” welded wire to keep out/in smaller animals and to meet pool code specifications.

Contact one of the knowledgeable team members at Atlantic Fence for more information about split rail fencing. We can help you formulate the best design that creates a beautiful, yet pragmatic solution to your fencing needs.