The Top 6 Benefits of a Chain Link Fence

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The rate of criminal victimization in robbery cases is increasing. In fact, household burglary is the most common of all the types of property victimization. Crime presents a big threat to the safety and security of the household. The best way to avoid being a victim of crime is to be prepared. Something as simple as locking your doors and … Read More

How to Find the Best Fencing Company

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In the US, there are over 48,000 fencing businesses. With so many existing companies, it may be hard to pick one that’s not only affordable, but also If you need some fencing services, you’ll want to read on. We’ll tell you the best way to find the best fence company. Check out the Reviews The best way to tell if … Read More

9 Best Summer-Inspired Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

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You may not have noticed it, but it’s likely that you spend 90% of your time cooped inside your home or office. While being indoors is a fact of life for many of us, neglecting the outdoors can harm your health. That’s why it’s time you make the most use out of your backyard by creating a safe outdoor haven … Read More

6 Wooden Fence Repair Tips That Come Straight From Pros

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When you think of American homes, you think of the white picket fence. But over time, even this perfect white picket fence deteriorates and needs either repairing or replacing. If yours is a bit worse for wear, don’t worry. In this article, we give you 6 wooden fence repair tips from the pros. 1. Stain Every 3 to 5 Years To … Read More

10 (and a Half) Reasons Why Homeowners Need a Property Fence

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In 2018, the fence construction industry in the US had grown by 6.4% to reach $8 billion. Since the value of residential construction will increase in 2019, this is a great opportunity for the industry.    A property fence has long been used to show the boundaries of the property. It has also been a meeting point between neighbors. Here, … Read More

Backyard Oasis: How to Create Privacy with Landscape Fencing

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Did you know that even though cities have more crime rates, suburban homes are more like to be burglarized? In fact, it’s estimated that these homes are 50 percent more at risk. That’s probably the reason why more and more Americans are investing in home landscape fencing. But apart from security, these fences also provide maximum outdoor privacy. What’s more, … Read More

Putting up a Fence? 10 Things You’ll Need

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Whether you’re adding curb appeal to your home, preventing your dogs from running away or seeking privacy from your neighbors, installing a fence can have an array of benefits.  But, if you’re not an experienced fence installer, you might be intimidated by the process of building a house or even what supplies you need to start.  Luckily, when you break … Read More