3 Times Not to DIY: When to Hire Professional Fencing Contractors

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Don’t get us wrong: we at Atlantic Fence & Supply are huge supporters of DIY projects. Done right, they can be a lot of fun and save a ton of money.

But sometimes, things don’t go so right. Then, you end up paying more for repairs and hospital bills than you would have if you’d just hired professionals in the first place.

So the big question is, when is it ok to build your own fence and when should you hire professional fencing contractors? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly the question we’re answering in this guide. 

To prevent damage to your home and harm to your body, we’ve made you a short list of when not to DIY your own fence. If any of the following situations apply to you, please hire a professional contractor.

1. You Can’t Obtain the Proper Legal Permission

Different areas have different laws about what is and isn’t legal when it comes to building a fence. Rule number one about building your own fence is that you research these laws and are 100% certain you have all the legal permission you need before you start.

If, for some reason, you find you are unable to acquire this permission, do not build. There’s no possible benefit to a DIY fence that’s worth the hefty fine or prison sentence you get for illegal building.

2. You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

Perhaps you know exactly what you’re doing. Maybe you know all the permits you need, whether or not it’s ok to dig, the good and the bad about your different fencing options, etc.

If so, that’s great! But if not, you’ll really want a professional working with you on your fence.

With their knowledge and experience in the fencing industry, they’ll know exactly which type of fence is best for your needs. They’ll also have the answers to all the questions above and any others that come up.

Building a fence is not a great project for novice DIYers. If you don’t know where to start, at least consult with a professional home improvement contractor.

3. You’re Not Fully Equipped

Again, it may be that you are an experienced builder with a vast array of DIY projects under your belt. If so, you likely have a large assortment of specialized fencing tools above and beyond that of the average layman’s toolshed.

Then again, if none of this sounds like you at all, hire a professional. Otherwise, it’s unlikely to be worth your time or money to properly equip yourself for the job. (Unless you plan on becoming a fencing professional yourself, that is.)

You’ll spend more on new tools and materials than you would just hiring a professional contractor. 

When to Hire Professional Fencing Contractors

Under the right circumstances, building your own fence is a great idea. Under the wrong circumstances, it’s dangerous, expensive, and possibly illegal.

And so, if any of the above circumstances apply to you, hire professional fencing contractors.

On the other hand, maybe you truly are ready to build your own fence. If so, read this first: 10 Things You’ll Need When Putting up a Fence.

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