Erosion Control Fence

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Atlantic Fence and Supply stocks a full line of erosion control products, many that comply with all Maryland State and County standards, along with requirements for construction site erosion control. The purpose of a silt fence is to retain the soil on disturbed lands, such as a construction site until the activities disturbing the ground are sufficiently completed. It will keep the soil on a site, rather than letting it be washed off into natural water bodies.

According to Maryland’s Department of the Environment, when the earth is disturbed and exposed to the impacts of rainfall, it creates an increase in the volume and velocity of runoff. It will then create a chain reaction resulting in the transport and depositing of sediment which can reduce stream capacity, and ultimately increase stream scour and flooding. Also, sediment contributes to a decline in water quality because it can carry harmful pollutants.

To avoid runoff and to adhere to Maryland’s counties guidelines we also stock Anne Arundel County reinforced silt fence, as well as Baltimore County and Baltimore City super silt fencing. This specialty design uses filter fabric reinforced by a wire mesh or chain link fence. The metal backing gives the fence increased strength to resist the weight of soil and water which may be trapped by the fence in a large drainage area. It will also discourage vehicles from driving over the fence. We carry 30” and 36″ DOT silt fence with stakes.

Sometimes referred to as a silt fence or a filter fence, these fences are temporary sediment control barriers used on construction sites and will protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, and lakes. This is all to protect the Chesapeake Bay from sediment. If you have questions about the fencing or the state requirements regarding environmental standards, contact Atlantic Fence.