Stockade Fence

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A Historic Concept

Stockade fencing is the first security fence and initially utilized by early American settlers. Originally built by taking sharpened logs and placing them closely side by side around the perimeter of a camp or fort.

While today’s stockade fencing still utilize this historical concept, the design has significantly improved. Same as in the past, the fencing continues offering excellent security. They provide maximum protection and privacy yet within an available budget. These fences are ideal for both residential and commercial uses.

Stockade Fence Panel

The Very Best Stockade

Atlantic Fence supplies the very best stockade fencing on the market. We offer pre-treated and natural wood panels.

  • Constructed of durable spruce
  • Panels are 6ft by 8ft
  • Built of 36 boards and 3 back rails
  • Single nailed (natural) or double nailed (pre-treated)
  • 2 x 3 x 8 spruce back rails (natural) 3/4 x 3 x 6 back rails (pre-treated)
  • Affordable and low maintenance

Wooden Stockade Fence Benefits

First of all, these fences are relatively easy to install. In addition, stockade fencing is an ideal choice for densely populated areas, near busy roads and highways as well as industrial centers. Furthermore, for residential and commercial pool perimeters, stockade fences create a safe and private area. Stockade fencing adheres to city and county code regulations and codes.

There are many benefits of stockade fencing:

  • cost-effective and relatively low maintenance
  • provides the high level of privacy and security
  • ideal for both residential, commercial, agricultural uses
  • help reduce noise and the wind in your yard
  • simple, traditional, and historical style
  • easily installed in sloping or changing terrains
  • increased property value
  • creates safe area for children, pets, and/or livestock

Our Guarantee

First, you will notice about our products is how well they are constructed. Our wooden stockade fences are visibly stronger and heavier than other products available on the market. Secondly, when you invest in our wooden stockade fencing, it will last for years. Therefore, we stand by our merchandise and guarantee it 100 percent.

Our team is knowledgeable and super helpful. Since we have all products and supplies in-house all you need are your measurements. And, we will tell you everything you need. As a result, from the nails and screws to posts and concrete, we have got you covered! Your satisfaction is our number one priority.