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Commercial Outdoor Fence Installation

Atlantic Fence & Supply Company is a family owned company serving the Baltimore and Washington DC metro areas for over 30 years. We are a trusted industry leader for commercial fencing installation.

The professional project managers and installers at Atlantic Fence & Supply understand that the safety and security of your business are of utmost importance to you. We vow to work with you to formulate the best design to protect your property, building, and any stored inventory.

We offer a variety of commercial styles from stark functional to solid ornate products, plus many more to accommodate all your job requirements. Our products will increase your property’s usability, functionality while offering the ultimate protection for your environment.

Atlantic Fence & Supply Co understands your needs, and we are dedicated to supplying only the best commercial fencing and accessories that keep your business safe, secure, and private.

Contact us and we will arrange for a consultation with one of our knowledgeable and trusted designers. Atlantic Fence strives for professional, quick service, offering delivery and installation. All of our crews are licensed, insured, and highly trained.

Our seasoned project managers will guide you through all phases of the project to ensure success.

Commercial Indoor Fencing

For over 30 years Atlantic Fence has offered diverse products to its customers. Commercial indoor fencing is an option that can upgrade the organization and security of your business. There is a myriad of uses of indoor fencing that can contribute to the efficiency of running and growing your company.


Warehouses are large open spaces, in which it could be costly to build separate rooms for storage of valued inventory. Indoor fencing can be utilized to create individual rooms that are locked and allow for visual access, increasing the ease of reordering and security. They enable you to build economically separate storage items, thus creating an organized warehouse.


Indoor fencing is a great option to secure dry storage items. It allows you to see where all your items are, but control who has access to these expensive goods. Utilizing indoor fencing can help to reduce inventory costs by deterring theft. A well organized and secure dry storage can assist during busy hours, keeping operations running smoothly.

Retail Storage

Unfortunately, retail theft by employees can cost a business money. Creating a secure back of the house storage will allow you to control who has access to valuable goods during operating hours. It will also add an extra safety measure after you close shop for the day. Indoor fencing is an economical addition to your security which serves to help you rest easy when you close the doors at the end of your business day.

Manufacturing Facilities

When you are operating a manufacturing facility loss prevention it of the utmost importance to your bottom line. Nothing will increase production costs more than theft or the mishandling of inventory. Creating indoor storage units using our fencing will allow your business to have more control over daily operations. If you have authority over the materials need to manufacture your product you will have the power to increase your product output, thus increasing sales.
There are so many valuable uses for commercial indoor fencing that could increase your company’s security, production, and therefore your sales. One of our knowledgeable technicians would be happy to help you formulate a strategy to increase your company’s efficiency using indoor fencing.

Gate & Fence Repairs

There are many reasons why you may need fence or gate repairs, from natural disasters to your dog chewing through a rail. Whatever the reason, you can trust Atlantic Fence with all your repairs. When you contact us with a gate or fencing issue, our skilled and experienced service team will inspect the site and assess the situation. We will formulate a strategy to address the repair quickly and economically.

The gate and fence repairs that we perform include:

  • Installing bracing and sister rails
  • Replacement Rails
  • Splicing a Rail
  • Removing and replacing old/cracked footing
  • Repairing buried rot
  • Removing and repairing damaged chain link
  • Gate Repairing
  • Adjusting Gate Stops
  • Straightening metal fencing

If you need to file an insurance claim, we will provide you with at detailed invoice that you can submit to the insurance company. We will make sure all the paperwork is clear and concise and easy to understand, to help your claim process be effortless.

When you schedule repairs a member of our experienced staff will arrive and review your specific concern. We will fully inspect the gate and entire fence for any hidden issues and suggest a strategy to address all repairs. You can trust our knowledgeable technicians to complete all repairs in a timely manner at an affordable price.

Call Atlantic Fence for all your gate and fence repairs. Trust the experts to offer premium service at a fair price.

Residential Fence Installation

One of the easiest ways to secure your home, property or pool area is with a custom fence. However, when it comes to residential fence installation, many people are reluctant to tackle such a large project on their own. Fortunately, the professionals at Atlantic Fence can help you decide what materials you need and what processes you need to follow to install a beautiful fence in a matter of a few weekends.

1. Select your ideal fence

From chain link to wood, vinyl to ornamental, split rail to stockade fencing, Atlantic Fence has you covered. The type of fencing you choose will depend on the area you want to cover, the intended purpose of your fence, your budget, and your personal style. Vinyl and wood fences add privacy to your backyard. Split rail and stockade fencing are perfect for delineating property or keeping pets and livestock safe. Chain link is economical and can be personalized with plants and vines and ornamental fencing adds a historic feeling to your property while showing off your gardening prowess.

2. Measure your space

Before you can begin your residential fence installation, you must measure the space where you will install your fence. Be sure to make a note of any changes in elevation, areas where the ground is not level and trees or rocks that may be in the way of your fence line.

3. Decide where your gates will go

Are you planning on driving vehicles into your fenced area? You will need a wide gate that will accommodate your car, RV, tractor, or toy hauler. Do you have more than one access point to your space? You will need more than one gate. Once you have selected the areas where your gates will go, it is time to decide what features you want your gates to have. You will need to choose the type of spring closures, latches, locks, or automated features you want to see on your gate.

4. Make a supply list and visit Atlantic Fence

Unlike other hardware stores or fencing companies, Atlantic Fence sells premiere fencing parts to the public year round. No more frantically driving from store to store, trying to find a part only to discover those parts are "out of season". We understand that winter storms can destroy split rail fences. We have seen stockade fencing react to harsh Maryland falls. We understand that there is no "off season" when it comes to fence installation or repair. That is why we carry fencing supplies and parts for every type of fencing, year round, regardless of the quantity you need. Visit us with your supply list and let us help you get started on your residential fence installation project today.

If the thought of doing your own residential fence installation is truly making you panic, give us a call. We can put you in touch with the area's premiere residential fencing companies that will have your decorative, wood, chain link, or stockade fence installed in no time.