How to Find the Best Fencing Company

fence company

In the US, there are over 48,000 fencing businesses. With so many existing companies, it may be hard to pick one that’s not only affordable, but also If you need some fencing services, you’ll want to read on. We’ll tell you the best way to find the best fence company. Check out the Reviews The best way to tell if … Read More

6 Wooden Fence Repair Tips That Come Straight From Pros

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When you think of American homes, you think of the white picket fence. But over time, even this perfect white picket fence deteriorates and needs either repairing or replacing. If yours is a bit worse for wear, don’t worry. In this article, we give you 6 wooden fence repair tips from the pros. 1. Stain Every 3 to 5 Years To … Read More

10 (and a Half) Reasons Why Homeowners Need a Property Fence

property fence

In 2018, the fence construction industry in the US had grown by 6.4% to reach $8 billion. Since the value of residential construction will increase in 2019, this is a great opportunity for the industry.    A property fence has long been used to show the boundaries of the property. It has also been a meeting point between neighbors. Here, … Read More

DIY: Home Winter Wood Projects

Atlantic Fence - DIY: Home Winter Wood Projects

Raise your hand if you’re sick of winter. Nothing beats the dreary cold quite like great winter crafts. Fortunately, the best DIY wood projects only require a few wood materials, a few tools, and a little know-how. These easy wood projects are perfect for cold, winter weekends. Best of all, you can get most of your wood materials at Atlantic … Read More

What Is a Snow Fence and Why Is It Used?

What is a Snow fence?

People oftentimes are unaware of the differences in types of fences available, especially for winter. While most fences serve the same purpose, there are other aspects to a snow fence that can help in colder climates. A snow fence is a type of barrier that forces snow to accumulate wherever you want it to. This is incredibly helpful for states … Read More

Fence Panels – Are They Right for You?

Fence Panels – Are They Right for You?

If you’re considering a new or replacement fence one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether to go for a single picket fence or one constructed from panels. It’s certainly possible to build an attractive fence from individual pickets, but there are also good reasons to consider using manufactured fence panels. These are essentially pre-assembled units, … Read More

How Landscapers Can Make Extra Money Installing Fences – A How-to Guide

How landscapers can make extra money

Picture it. The contract is in place and you start the installation of a homeowner’s landscape when they wander outside to check on your progress. Casually, they say, “This is beautiful. Could we add a fence to the plan to keep it that way?” What is your response? If it is anything other than an enthusiastic, “Yes!” it is time … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Wood Fence This Winter

Protecting your wood fence from winter

In winter, you need to take extensive measures to protect any fence from damage. The freezing temperature can crack wood, the moisture can cause rot, and snow severely damages vinyl fences. Here are some of the Best Wood Fence Protection techniques against the biting cold. Prevent moisture buildup Before winter hits, ensure that your fence has a fresh coat of … Read More