10 (and a Half) Reasons Why Homeowners Need a Property Fence

property fence

In 2018, the fence construction industry in the US had grown by 6.4% to reach $8 billion. Since the value of residential construction will increase in 2019, this is a great opportunity for the industry.   

A property fence has long been used to show the boundaries of the property. It has also been a meeting point between neighbors. Here, they would chat about the latest trends – from politics to sports. 

As population size increased, crimes rates began to increase too. This led to an increase in demand for a house fence. Today, security fencing for home is a smart investment. 

Want to know the reasons why? 

In this post, we highlight 10 and a half reasons why homeowners need a property fence. 

1. Secure Your Property

Want to prevent neighborhood kids from swimming in your pool while at work or on vacation? Want to deter burglars from breaking into your home? Then, invest in a property fence.    

This helps to keep your family safe. 

2. Protect Your Kids and Pets

Do you want to keep your kids and pets safe while they are playing in your backyard? Fence companies in Maryland can secure your property with the right house fence. This prevents your kids and pets from straying off the property.

3. Enhance Privacy

Worried that your neighbor or strangers will watch you while you relax by the pool? With the right fence Baltimore, you can give your family the privacy and solitude they deserve. Choices available include pressure treated wood privacy fences and vinyl fences. 

4. Improve the Curb Appeal

Do you want to give your property a makeover? Invest in a property fence. When shopping, choose a fence type that is robust and goes with the theme of your property.  

This will add beauty and character to your property. 

5. Reduce Noise from Surroundings

If you live close to a busy street, having an 8-foot high solid fence can lower noise levels. In fact, it can reduce noise levels by 6 to 10 decibels. Now, you can read your book under the tree or listen to music while sunbathing by the pool without distractions. 

6. Increase Your Property Resale Value

Most homeowners work with home stagers to improve their home appeal. If successful, it can convince homebuyers to overpay. What most people don’t know is that the right fence can also increase the property resale value. 

7. Set the Property Boundaries

If you have quarreled with your neighbor(s) about property boundary, you can set the record straight by installing a fence. This helps to set a clear division between properties. Also, it helps to end the quarrels. 

8. High Level of Customization

When shopping for the right fence, you will come across wood, aluminum, wrought iron, PVC, and vinyl. Each is available in different sizes and designs.  Also, they are available in different colors.

9. Protect Against Weather

In case of high winds, a fence can protect your backyard and garden from damage. As such, your outdoor furniture or deck chairs will not be strewn all over. Also, your vegetables, flowers, and herbs will be protected. 

10. Easy to Maintain

If you choose wood or vinyl, all you need is a couple of coats of paint or varnish and everything will look new again. For aluminum fencing, all you have to do is tighten loose fasteners. This saves you a lot of money.   

10.5. Reduce Your Homeowner’s Insurance Premium

Since a fence deters burglars from breaking into your home, your insurance costs will reduce. As such, you will start paying lower homeowners insurance premiums.   

Choosing the Best Property Fence for Your Home

Installing a property fence has lots of benefits. To choose the best house fence, consider the material, property size, reason, and budget. To ensure you have the best fence Baltimore has to offer, consult your local contractor. 

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