What Is a Split Rail Fence and Is It Right for You?

split rail fence

What is a split rail fence? It’s elegance, functionality, and even a little bit of security. It’s cheap and easy to install and maintain.

It may be just the fence you’ve been looking for. But then again, it’s not for everyone.

How do you know if a split rail fence is right for you? We’ll tell you in the guide below. Keep reading to learn the top benefits of split rail fencing.

What is a Split Rail Fence

A split rail fence is one of the most simplex fence styles there is. It consists of evenly spaced, vertical fence posts with two or three horizontal rails connecting lengthwise throughout.

What Are the Best Reasons to Install a Split Rail Fence?

Split rail fences are a great choice for some properties but a bad idea for others. Here, we cover the main reasons you’d want to choose a split rail fence over other fence styles.

It’s Cheap

Perhaps the biggest reason to get a split rail fence is how cheap it is. Because of the large gaps between rails and posts, a standard split rail fence takes significantly less material to build than other fences. Fewer resources mean a cheaper fence.

Easy Installation

This also means split rail fences are quick and easy to install. There’s really not much to a split rail fence. Even someone who’s inexperienced in carpentry and construction could self-install one easily enough.

Extremely Low Maintenance

Split rail fences are often chosen for their natural, wooden look. As such, no painting, or repainting, is required.

Plus, split rail fencing materials are given special treatment before installation. This makes them durable against deterioration and preserves their appearance for years.

Even if you build your fence from wood lying around on your property, maintenance is still low. You’ll simply have to replace a rail or post from time to time.

It Looks Nice

A split-rail fence is an aesthetically-pleasing way to outline your property. It gives your property a rustic, homey look while making it clear to others where your property begins.

It Adds a Little Bit of Security

With all the large holes throughout the split rail fence, it’s clearly not your top choice for home defense. But it does, at least provide a minor amount of security.

As we said, a split rail boundary around your property makes it clear where your property begins. This will discourage some amount of trespassing. And, if there’s a neighborhood watch in your area, it makes it easier for neighbors to see and report trespassers.

It’s Functional

While it won’t keep all people out, it will keep most large animals on one side of your property or the other. Even with the large spaces throughout the fence, your livestock won’t get through. Likewise, your neighbors’ livestock won’t wander into your yard and eat all the grass.

It’s Very Safe

Split rail fences typically consist of dull, rounded posts and rails that are very safe for everyone. Spooked livestock that charge into the fence are less likely to be injured. So are any children who decide to climb the fence.

Should You Invest in a Split Rail Fence?

As we said, a split rail fence isn’t for everyone. But, now that you’ve seen what split rail fencing has to offer, you should definitely know if it’s right for you.

Use this guide to help you choose the perfect fence style.

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