How Landscapers Can Make Extra Money Installing Fences – A How-to Guide

How landscapers can make extra money

Picture it. The contract is in place and you start the installation of a homeowner’s landscape when they wander outside to check on your progress. Casually, they say, “This is beautiful. Could we add a fence to the plan to keep it that way?” What is your response? If it is anything other than an enthusiastic, “Yes!” it is time … Read More

Commercial Security Fencing: Your questions answered!

Your Commercial Security Fencing questions answered

There are a number of similarities between commercial and residential fencing. In both instances, for example, improving the look of the property, as well as its value, might be goals. It’s here, however, where the two often diverge. Below, you’ll find some of the most common questions about commercial fencing answered. Commercial Fencing Concern #1: Can it be Climbed? If you’re … Read More

Driveway Gates Create Your Home’s First Impression

Roll up to a palatial mansion in any luxury neighborhood and the first thing you are likely to notice is a large, wrought iron gate blocking the main entrance to the estate. Barred from entry, you may slowly drive by, craning your neck to catch a glimpse of the home or its inhabitants. Or you may drive up to the … Read More

How Offices Benefit From Fencing

offices fencing

As the owner/operator of your own office building, you understand that it is important to maintain the external appearance. Whether you own the building or are the building facilitator, regardless of your relationship to the property, you do not want to neglect its exterior appeal. Here are some interesting points how offices benefit from fencing.

What to Look for in Fencing Installation Companies

fencing installation company

There are many factors you need to be concerned with when installing a fence for your business, especially the unpredictable weather here in the Chesapeake region. Atlantic Fence has the answers about what to look for in fencing installation companies.

Facilities That Need Indoor Fencing

dog behind a fence

There are many types of facilities that need indoor fencing, especially for large interior spaces like warehouses, factories, wholesale clubs or storage centers. We manufacture our fencing out of top quality, durable materials, therefore you can trust your inventory is safe. Contact Atlantic Fence for information about security solutions with indoor fencing.

5 Benefits of Chain Link Fence in Commercial Construction

chain link fence roll

When establishing a construction site, there are many factors to consider. One vital component is your perimeter. Creating definitive boundaries is imperative for crowd control, safety, security and more. There are five benefits of chain link fence in commercial construction.

7 Reasons to Shop Atlantic Fence vs. Big Box Stores

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We have noticed a lot of our customers come to Atlantic Fence & Supply after having difficulties with Big Box Stores. Many of these stores offer fencing supplies, mostly for residential purposes, but also cause many frustrations for our commercial clients. From product quality to customer service complaints about big box stores, we have heard it all. They might seem like a one-stop shop but are lacking in so many ways. Here are 7 common reasons you should shop at Atlantic Fence vs. Big Box Stores.

The Best Commercial Fencing for Severe Weather

commercial fencing severe weather

The Chesapeake Region is no stranger to sudden severe changes in weather: from hurricane force winds to driving sleet to blizzards as well as intense pop-up thunderstorms and blazing summer heat. The type of commercial fencing you chose for your property is paramount to the security and safety of your perimeter and inventory.