What to Look for in Fencing Installation Companies

fencing installation company

The type of fence you chose for your business is vital in keeping your property safe and your inventory secure. You have researched to find the ideal fencing. Now, what about installing the fence? The strongest materials in the world will do you no good if not installed correctly. There are many factors you need to be concerned with, especially the unpredictable weather here in the Chesapeake region. We have the answers about what to look for in fencing installation companies.

Free Quotes

Most reputable fencing installation companies offer free quotes. We recommend that you get at least three estimates. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, and most obvious it helps you compare prices, and gives you a bit of negotiating power. A respectable contractor understands a competitive market and should work with you, within reason, or at least explain in detail reasons for this price. Next, meeting with a few companies affords you the ability to interact and personally gauge if you trust the contractor. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Customer Service

You need to ask a few fundamental questions. These will clue you into the level of customer service you will receive;

  • Will you pull all permits?
  • Will you call a utility locator?
  • Are there any hindrances, such as easements?
  • How will you deal with special issues like grading (if your lot is sloped) and how will you deal with the spaces at the bottom (which could pose a security issue)?
  • Are all gates and hardware included in the quote?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer?
  • What is the timeline?

Help Us Help You

It is to your advantage to prepare for your quote. Clear away any foliage that may block the full view of your property. Be specific about your exact needs that way you will not incur any hidden fees or extra costs. If there are animals on the property, keep them contained during the estimate to allow the contractor full access to the perimeter for measurements.


You must consider quality in two aspects. The quality of the fencing materials and the quality of the installation. Your business security counts on it. Make sure you feel confident in your decision. Never be afraid to ask questions. You should never feel confused or second guess the quality of service and products you are about to invest in. Do not accept anything less than the best.

Contact Atlantic Fence today for a free quote. We offer the very best in both commercial fence construction and fencing installation companies. Once you experience our superior customer service, you will see Atlantic Fence is the only company for all your fencing needs!