9 Best Summer-Inspired Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

backyard fence ideas

You may not have noticed it, but it’s likely that you spend 90% of your time cooped inside your home or office. While being indoors is a fact of life for many of us, neglecting the outdoors can harm your health.

That’s why it’s time you make the most use out of your backyard by creating a safe outdoor haven in time for summer! A fence surrounding your property doesn’t have to look plain, so long as you spruce it up with color.

Ready for some of the best backyard fence ideas that can make your home prettier and more secure? Then let’s get this list of the top summer-inspired privacy fence ideas started!

1. Grow Bougainvillea on Your Fence Panels

Bougainvillea can survive droughts, making them a perfect addition to a stockade fence. When they bloom in the summer, they produce flowers in stunning colors of red, purple, orange, or yellow. Their blooms can create a beautiful backdrop for your otherwise plain backyard fence.

2. Let the Climbing Hydrangea Take Over Your Picket Fence

Easy to grow and quick to climb, the Climbing Hydrangea can make your fence even prettier. In the summer, the climbing vine blooms pretty white flowers. That creates a stunning contrast against its dark leaves and your privacy fence.

3. Add a Touch of Red to Your Chain Link Fence

Galvanized chain link fences do a great job in upping the security of your property. If you find them a bit plain though, you may want to grow trumpet vine on them. In the summer, these easy-to-grow vine produces striking red and orange blooms.

4. Weave the Wisteria In

Did you know that wisteria is actually part of the pea/bean family that has 19,500 known species? Or that we have our very own American wisteria, which is the non-invasive kind?

That’s right! What’s more, planting American wisteria in your own backyard helps support local biodiversity. They’re easy to grow and can turn your backyard privacy fence into one with lush white or purple flowers.

5. Make DIY Plant Pots to Hang on Your Sturdy PVC Fence

Summer means school is out, so take advantage of this by getting your kids to make DIY hanging plant pots with you! These hanging plants can give your fence a refreshing look, but be sure your fence is sturdy enough. It’s a great idea for a vinyl or PVC fence, as you can water the plants without worrying about fence rot.

6. Set Up a Garden Bed Right by the Fence

Enjoy more privacy by planting taller flowering plants right by your ornamental fence. Lavender is a great place to start for gardening beginners, as they’re hardy and can live even in dry soil. You can then follow this up with chrysanthemum, which can last you even until the fall season rolls in.

7. Delegate a Summer Escape Spot in Your Yard

Make the most out of summer by creating an outdoor haven where you can enjoy all your flowering plants. Get some outdoor furniture, perhaps even a hammock. With your fence “in bloom” or surrounded by shrubs, you have more privacy.

8. String Up the LED Lights

Whichever type of home fencing system you have, adding lights to it improves its function. Besides, if you’ll set up a lounge area by the fence, the LED lights on your fence can increase illumination. This then encourages you and the entire family to spend more time outdoors.

9. Don’t Forget to Give Your Fence the TLC It Needs

Regardless of the backyard fencing ideas you follow, be sure that your fence is in top condition. Replace warped, deformed, or damaged panels right away. If there are holes in your chain link fence, have them repaired ASAP.

Enjoy the Outdoors this Summer with these Backyard Fence Ideas

There you have it, some of the best backyard fence ideas that’ll let you make the most of the outdoors this summer. Plus, many of them are easy enough that you can complete them with your kids.

Ready to spruce up your fence or get a replacement for the old, worn out one you have? Then please feel free to connect with us now! We’ll be happy to help you find the fence parts you need or get you that new fence installed.

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