Vinyl, Ornamental, Wood, and More: Which Fencing Type is Right for Your Home

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Summer’s around the corner. What better time to build or install a fence for your home? 

There’s a lot to consider when buying supplies for your fence because there are many different fence styles. How do you decide which is going to be best for the look and security of your yard? Let us help you.

In this post, we’ll be looking at different types of fencing and helping you decide which type is best suited for your home. Is it wood? Vinyl? Ornamental? Something else entirely? Let’s figure this out so you can enjoy the summer in your backyard.

Fence Styles 101

If you’ve never thought about the many fence styles that you’d be presented with one day, that’s normal. You’ve got to take this choice seriously, however, because you’re going to be looking at this thing for years to come. We’re going to talk about wood, vinyl, ornamental, and then a few other options. Let’s begin.


A wood fence is a classic style that many have used and enjoyed. Easily the most popular type of fence in America, wood gives you a great cottagey feel and offers a good amount of privacy, depending on how high you decide to build.

How high you build and how vast your yard is will tell you how much the fence will cost and how long it’ll take to build. If you decide to go with a high fence, you’ll get a lot more privacy in your yard, but you’ll also pay a lot more and it’ll take a long time to build. If you build a shorter fence, the lumber costs will lower.

Also, your wood fence’s longevity will depend on the quality of lumber that you buy. It’s worthwhile buying the expensive stuff because the cheap wood will start to rot after a number of years. If you don’t want to rebuild your fence, splurge on the lumber.


Vinyl fencing is said to be about 5 times stronger than wood. It’s also essentially maintenance free, as it is resistant to paint and most bad weather that might take down other fence styles. It’s great for gettings out graffiti or stains that might cause you to have to replace wood planks. You just grab a cloth and wash it off.

Although it has a much higher initial cost because of the vinyl price and the installation fees, you actually might end saving money down the road with vinyl.


For a more elegant look, you might consider an ornamental wrought iron, steel or, aluminum fence. While they don’t offer the same privacy of a wood or vinyl fence, you get a great look and superior sturdiness over the other types.

Wrought iron fencing, while beautiful and durable, does require a lot of maintenance. If you don’t want it rusting, you’ll have to repaint and sand them every couple of years. You experience similar problems with other metals as well.

They’re also less secure and not particularly private. If you’re worried about those kinds of things in your neighborhood, you might consider one of the other fence types instead.

PVC & Everything Else

A much cheaper alternative to wood, vinyl, and ornamental fencing is PVC. You get something that kind of resembles wood at a much cheaper price point. While not as sturdy, the PVC is weather resistant and will last for years after you build.

The other popular type of fence is the chainlink fence. Probably the least attractive style, it does still serve a purpose. They’re cheap, durable, and require no maintenance that we know of. Many people choose the chainlink fence and add some shrubbery to make up for the lack of privacy that they provide.

What’s the Fence for You?

There you have it. These are the most popular fence styles out there. Which one is for you? Well, that’s for you to decide. We’ve told you the benefits and deficiencies of each one, now you’ve got some food for thought. Summer’s coming quick, though, so don’t wait too much longer.

If you still need help deciding, contact Atlantic Fence & Supply. We’ve got every type of fencing you can imagine and even offer installation services if you don’t want to deal with it yourself. Visit our page and figure out what kind of fence to build around your yard today.

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