5 Benefits of Chain Link Fence in Commercial Construction

chain link fence roll

A vital component of commercial construction is security. The most common way to provide security around a construction site is to have a definitive boundary or fence. The most used commercial fence is chain link. There are many reasons it is a popular choice – safety, durability, etc. If you are a site superintendent or foreman, here are five benefits to using chain link fence in commercial construction.

1. Provides Security

In addition to setting a perimeter, it helps protect the things behind the fence. A chain link fence used in conjunction with wind screening can help create a secure location to store equipment. We all know it is impractical to move heavy and necessary equipment on and off-site daily. In addition to creating a boundary around your materials, all areas can be made secure with lockable gates.

2. Protects Against Vandalism

Unwanted visitors are welcome to your site when you are not there. In D.C. and Baltimore, making sure your site has a fence is crucial to keeping out potential vandalism. Graffiti or damage to the construction site can happen. Of course, having a chain link fence helps reduce your liability and safeguard the integrity of the structure.

3. Crowd Control

Strategic placement of chain link fencing on construction sites helps direct traffic. Doing so is vital to operations and production. It creates a sense of organization, which is helpful for delivery trucks, employees and construction vehicles. It also dissuades bystanders from walking through the site, thus creating a liability issue.

4. Durability

Chain link fence is manufactured from galvanized steel. This material can take a beating. An option is coating it, which further prevents erosion. This is especially relevant when exposed to ice, snow, or heavy rains. Also, chain link fencing resists corrosive materials that may be found on a construction site.

5. Easy to Install and Repair

The last thing you need is to hold up production because it is taking forever to secure the perimeter. Chain link fencing for construction sites installs fast and easily. Also, should it become damaged, for whatever reason, repairs are inexpensive and quick. Also, it requires very little maintenance.