Driveway Gates Create Your Home’s First Impression

Roll up to a palatial mansion in any luxury neighborhood and the first thing you are likely to notice is a large, wrought iron gate blocking the main entrance to the estate. Barred from entry, you may slowly drive by, craning your neck to catch a glimpse of the home or its inhabitants. Or you may drive up to the imposing structure and buzz an intercom to gain entry. Either way, nothing says, “Intrigue from a distance” quite the way a driveway gate does. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a part of the one percent to add this beautiful architectural element to your home.

The Security Problem You May Not Realize

There are a few reasons why most people only choose to fence their backyard. First, they are trying to keep their family members (including the furry ones) in. And second, they are trying to keep intruders and peering eyes out.

Regardless of the fence type, fencing the backyard is a simple way to help secure your home. However, it leaves at least half of your home exposed to would-be thieves, intruders and peeping toms. Still, most homeowners are reluctant to fence their entire yard because it makes entering and exiting the driveway problematic.

Driveway Gates are the Answer

Driveway gates allow you to fence your entire property, securing your belongings and protecting your family. While some driveway gates can be operated manually, automatic openers, keypads and key cards make it possible to open and close your driveway gate without leaving your car.

Constructed from weather resistant aluminum, steel or wrought iron, driveway gates can be manufactured to fit your space, your style and your budget. With a variety of gauges, materials and features available, it has never been more affordable to secure the entire perimeter of your home.

Do I have to replace my entire fence to have a driveway gate?

While many people find adding a steel, aluminum or iron fence changes the look of their home, these versatile materials are available in a variety of finishes that coordinate with a variety of fence styles. Installation of a driveway gate may require additional gate poles for added strength and durability, but it is possible to install your gate on an existing ornamental fence, rock archway, or wood fence.

Driveway Gates are not Just for Homeowners

Want to secure your commercial or industrial property? Driveway gates are also available in chain link varieties, offering additional security to your business, storage area or other commercial property. With a variety of opening mechanisms and styles, your driveway gate can be designed and manufactured to meet your space and security needs.

Still not convinced? Let the professionals at Atlantic Fence & Supply show you what is possible in your space. Using decades of fencing experience, our experts can help you find, design and install the perfect driveway gate, with the perfect features, at the perfect price. Visit today to begin enjoying your driveway fence sooner than you think.


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