Facilities That Need Indoor Fencing

dog behind a fence

When you think of chain link fencing, you probably think of outdoor industrial properties or your neighbor’s backyard. However, fencing has a variety of uses indoors, such as for security or containment. There are many types of facilities that need indoor fencing, especially for large interior spaces like warehouses, factories, wholesale clubs or storage centers. Here are the types of facilities that need indoor fencing, and examples of how to best utilize it.


In a massive open space structure like a warehouse organization and keeping track of inventory and valuables can be a nightmare. Chain link indoor fencing creates partitioned areas to organize products. While you can install security gates for loss prevention, however, it also allows for easy forklift access.

Long-Term Storage Centers

Indoor fencing her has many applications. Create enclosed areas that define customer space. You can create added security with CCTV. That way, the open fencing allows for viewing of all areas at all times.

Factories and Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

In a manufacturing plant, the finished product is not the only valuable inventory. Tools and materials also require security. Indoor fencing is easy to set up and breakdown which means yo have flexibility for the layout of your plant. It offers visibility, air circulation, and lighting, as well as security gates of allowing easy forklift access.

Animal Control, Veterinary Clinics, and Shelters

These types of facilities need to build stalls, kennels, and other animal containment enclosures. The fencing is helpful in that staff can visibly monitor animals. Another benefit is that the enclosures are easy to clean, therefore improving and maintaining sanitary conditions.

Temporary Inmate Containment

Indoor fencing creates a secure enclosure for temporary incarceration. For example, it is helpful for large sports arenas and stadiums. Law enforcement agencies utilize temporary fencing during times of extreme civil disturbances and unrest.

Restaurant Dry Storage

Create secure enclosure for dry goods and paper products. The fencing along with a secure gate allows for materials to be locked up and safe. While at the same time easily found. Also, it is perfect for facilities that have been converted from non-traditional structures into a restaurant where dry storage was not a part of the original structure design.

School or Public Gymnasium Equipment Storage

Rec Centers and other public gymnasiums and schools can build storage for valuable sports equipment. Keep valuable materials safe with locked gates. The open storage, with air circulation and proper lighting, is ideal for sensitive items like towels, detergents and soaps, and first aid equipment, too.

A Cost-Effective Security Solution

In conclusion, indoor fencing solves tough security and organization problems effectively, yet at affordable prices. They offer flexible designs. We manufacture our fencing out of top quality, durable materials, therefore you can trust your inventory is safe. Contact Atlantic Fence for information about security solutions with indoor fencing.