3 Unique Fencing Ideas for Business Owners: Thinking Outside of the Box with Wooden Fencing

3 Unqiue Fencing Ideas for Business Owners: Thinking Outside of the Box with Wooden Fencing

Privacy and security are two of the most popular reasons why businesses utilize fencing; however, there are many surprising ways to utilize commercial fencing beside setting up a perimeter. In fact, with a little bit of imagination, you just might find that wooden fencing can transform the whole aesthetics of your business! Here are three unique fencing ideas for business owners.

Why use wood fencing

Before we dive into the uses for wood fencing, let’s first take a look at why you should use wood fencing for your commercial needs. From privacy fencing to shadow boxes to picket fences, there are a wide variety of wood fencing options to choose from. Regardless of which type of wood fence you select, wood fencing is:

  • Aesthetically pleasing: a wood fence can add to the curb appeal of your business
  • Customizable: you can paint or stain your fence in a wide range of shades
  • More affordable than vinyl fencing
  • Easy to repair: you can simply repair one post, gate, etc. without having to dismantle the whole fence

1. Enclose an HVAC system

If your business occupies a large space, it’s likely that you also have a large HVAC system. Seeing a large air conditioning unit on the side of your building can be a bit of an eyesore. However, wooden fencing can enclose an HVAC system. A simple 8-foot high pressure treated pine fence can hide your HVAC system. By opting for the shadow box style, you’ll still have plenty of airflows so your system won’t overheat.

In addition to hiding the system from view, the fence will also protect your system from damage from animals or from property crime. HVAC systems can be quite costly, so it is important to protect your entire system from damage, and a wooden fence is a simple, beautiful way to do so.

2. Protect electrical equipment

An enclosure can also be used to protect electrical equipment such as:

  • Electrical meters
  • Utility boxes
  • Generators

In this case, a 10-foot high solid board fence is the way to go. Opt for the pressure treated custom boards, and your gear will remain safe.

3. Hide recycling and waste bins

Another unique way to use wooden fencing is to hide recycling bins, garbage bins, and dumpsters. These bins must stay outside of your establishment, but they can be unsightly. In this case, a wooden fence with a gate would work wonders to:

  • Keep nocturnal animals from rooting through the bins and causing a mess
  • Hide the garbage from the view of your customers or clients

Why use a gate? A gate allows your employees to have easy access to the trash bins.

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