Is a Shadowbox Fence the Right Choice for Your Property?

shadowbox fence

The decision to put a fence around your property is one that is extremely personal. While the goal of doing so might be the same for both you and another homeowner, the methods you use to achieve them might differ significantly. Your neighbor, for example, might be perfectly happy with a typical chain link fence that also serves to keep their dogs in their yard. You, on the other hand, could decide that a privacy fence is something that meets your needs better.

Advantages of a Shadowbox Fence

Much like other types of privacy fences, a shadowbox fence is made of solid, vertical panels that don’t allow neighbors or passersby on the street to glimpse what is happening in your backyard. This amount of privacy will enable you to host family gatherings and have friends over without attracting the attention of those that you don’t want to interact with.

Improve Your Property’s Beauty

Unlike a traditional privacy fence though, a shadowbox fence adds a pleasing visual effect that makes it a step up from the conventional fence. Due to its design, it’s possible that people outside the fence can catch a glimpse of the activity going on inside the fence. It is difficult to do so and requires significant finesse.

Not only will a shadowbox fence provide you with privacy, but it also gives your property a more pleasing look. Your neighbors, too, will enjoy a more interesting landscape with the addition of a shadowbox fence on your property. This is because it has both boards and pickets on both sides of the runners that run horizontally.

Increase Your Home’s Value

If you are thinking of selling your home in the future, adding a fence will likely be a key selling point. The addition of a shadowbox fence elevates your entire home and property from the ordinary to one of grace and charm. Also, the assessment of your property’s value could increase which means that your sale price can rise as well.

Ideal for Graded Properties

Some fences lend themselves better to yards with a grade to them than others. The design of a shadowbox fence also it to easily — and attractively — follow the natural grade of your yard. Not only does this make the fence more stable, but it also improves the way your home looks.

Improves Air Flow

A traditional privacy fence features slats that are placed so closely together that it’s not possible for air to get through them. A shadowbox fence, however, has small gaps in between the vertical boards. Not only does this provide the fence with its attractive look, but it also allows for air flow within your yard. This can provide you with some relief on those hot summer days or when you are grilling out.

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