7 Reasons to Shop Atlantic Fence vs. Big Box Stores

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As a wholesale fencing company we’ve noticed a big difference with our customers experience with Atlantic Fence vs Big Box Stores. Many of these stores offer fencing supplies, mostly for residential purposes, but also cause many frustrations for our commercial clients. From product quality to customer service complaints, we have heard it all. They might seem like a one-stop shop but are lacking in so many ways. Here are seven reasons to shop at Atlantic Fence vs. Big Box Stores.

1. Comparable Prices

It is an assumption that because of our custom products and quality material, we are more expensive than big box stores. This isn’t the case. We manufacture products in-house. This not only reduces costs but our carbon footprint. We offer commercial grade quality products at reasonable prices, affordable in both the residential and commercial markets. This also saves you time, which is money in commercial construction. Instead of having to order, re-order because the order was wrong, or not having to go from store to store to make sure you have all the materials in stock, at Atlantic Fence, everything is right here for you.

2. Superior Quality

At Atlantic Fence, we take pride in our products. Since we manufacture many of our products here, we guarantee that our materials are strong and last longer than any big box stores. Our team stands by of all our products, from fence posts, rails, gates, even the hardware. For our customers, this means dependability and cost savings in the long run.

3. Diverse Products

We are an actual one-stop shop. Atlantic Fence offers a variety of products, such as ornamental aluminum fencing, chain link, split rail fencing, bollards, temporary fencing, pipe and tubing fencing, ornamental fencing and more. Don’t worry about using multiple stores, or vendors, call us and we can have anything custom or not, put together ready for you to pick up. Have multiple projects with different specs? No problem. Our commercial clients have told us time and time again how having one place for all their fencing needs, is a great cost and time saving to them.

4. Convenient Delivery

Can’t stop by? Not a problem. We deliver to your job sites. Tell us exactly what you need and we can deliver it, no matter how big or small. Our customers don’t always have the time or means to get the products they need to the job. We understand and offer delivery.

5. Unbeatable Customer Service

This is the number one comment we get the most, our superior customer service. Our technicians know our product inside and out. In big-box stores, you have associates that can help you but aren’t versed in the products you need. Our staff assists you in every aspect of your project. Tell them the dimensions, and what product you are interested in, and they will tell you everything you need, right down to the hardware and nails required.

6. The Nuts and Bolts

When we say we have everything you need for your fencing project, we mean everything. Including fence posts, rails, panels, post hole diggers, concrete, screws, nails, and much more. We are the one-stop shop for all your needs. It isn’t just about having it all in one place, it’s the time and headache it saves our customers. No need to worry about not having enough screws or panels being out of stock, Atlantic Fence has exactly what you need.

7. On-Site Manufacturing

I know we have said this before, but it is worth mentioning again. We make our product right here, on-site. That means, since we make it here, we have it here. You will never have to wait weeks for supplies to arrive or have to re-order it and wait. As a result, you can expect to come into Atlantic Fence and get your supplies today. And what’s more, due to our in-house manufacturing, our team is fully knowledgeable regarding all of our products. Lastly, because we take pride in manufacturing our products, we guarantee they are the best!

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