Backyard Oasis: How to Create Privacy with Landscape Fencing

landscape fencing

Did you know that even though cities have more crime rates, suburban homes are more like to be burglarized?

In fact, it’s estimated that these homes are 50 percent more at risk.

That’s probably the reason why more and more Americans are investing in home landscape fencing.

But apart from security, these fences also provide maximum outdoor privacy. What’s more, a strong and good-looking fence will also increase the value of your home.

If you’re looking to install a beautiful fence that’ll give you some quality time on your front porch without the prying eyes of your neighbors and passers-by, here are five awesome fencing options.

1. Privacy Hedges

Hedge fences are low-cost backyard fencing options that are especially useful for limited spaces.

The thick, dense cover will satisfactorily offer you privacy, and if you’re good with shaping, you can trim your fence into eye-catching patterns and designs. To add a more naturalistic look to your fence, try mixing hedging plants such as Buxus, English Yew, and Variegated Japanese Laurel.

2. Wall and Fence

You could mount a 3- or 4-foot picket or board fence on top of a 3-foot stone wall to efficiently cut out sight lines without feeling cramped.

To avoid monotony, try adding a baluster top or an open lattice on the border fence. You can also and plant flowers or arch any twining vines to soften the solidity.

3. Masonry Walls with Ornamental Ironwork

Similarly, you can fit ornamental ironwork onto your six-foot concrete masonry walls to create a decorative border fence.

If you want to achieve a more vintage look, consider shopping for distressed trellis ironwork. Newer irons look more generic and give out a boring vibe.

You can also set up a fountain close to the wall to complement your fence and obscure unwanted sounds. It’s recommendable to shop for a fountain with an adjustable recirculating pump for a soothing sound level.

4. Decorative Aluminum Fencing

Decorative metal fencing is an excellent option not only for the backyard but also for the property as a whole. The metal can be custom-cut to whatever shape and pattern you’d like.

These decorative metals may also provide an aesthetically appealing entrance if used as a driveway gate. You could try incorporating it with a wooden slate fence for a sleek modern look.

5. Pergolas

Visible areas like decks and outdoor kitchens are much simpler to cover than the whole backyard.

So you can create a partially covered enclosure around them using a pergola and adorn it with lattice for a more appealing look.

Create Privacy and Improve Your Home’s Aesthetics with Landscape Fencing

These unique and simple landscape fencing ideas should certainly give you some peace of mind when you’re spending time outside your home.

And you don’t need landscape fencing skills and creativity to have your dream fence. Contact us at Atlantic Fence & Supply for all your fencing needs.

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