Keep Your Fence Looking New: 5 Spring Fence Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

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Cold weather can have a serious impact on your home. It can play havoc with your fences too.

After a harsh winter, they are probably in need of a good bit of TLC. A little bit of fence maintenance in the spring can help keep your fences looking great, and increase their lifespan.

But what exactly needs to be done? How do you keep your fences in tip-top shape?

Read as we look at 5 great tips for spring fence maintenance.

1. Keep It Clear

You’ve probably not done much work outside over the winter.

And that means that some of your plants and trees may have taken the opportunity to run wild. Tree branches and creeping plants can cause serious damage your fence if not taken care of.

Remove any overhanging branches and tree limbs from above your fences. And cut back any other plants that are beginning to encroach. 

2. Remove Any Debris

Remove any debris that has fallen onto the fence over the winter months.

This might include wet leaves, acorns, twigs, and other debris that could potentially damage your fence. Make sure to check between pickets; wet leaves lodged in between can cause your fence to rot.

3. Check For Knot Holes

As the temperature of your fence changes, it will expand and contract. 

When this happens, any knots in the wood may fall out. You will be left with knot holes, which are a perfect place for debris to get trapped. They also make a great home for insects that can attack your fence.

Clean out the knotholes and try to keep them free of any other material, or ideally fill them.

4. Use Fence Cleaner

Apply wood or fence cleaner to the fence.

Start at the bottom and work up, covering the entire fence. Make sure that you work a brush in between pickets and other tight areas. Always make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once you’ve covered the entire fence, let it sit for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off. A pressure washer is ideal for this purpose. 

5. Seal 

Leave the fence to dry for a day or two.

Once it’s dry, apply a polyurethane sealant to the fence. This will keep it safe from sun damage as summer approaches. Apply multiple coats, allowing each coat to dry for around 24 hours before applying the next.

Once your fence is sealed, it should be in great condition. Keep it free from debris throughout the rest of the year and you shouldn’t need to do much more until winter comes around.

Fence Maintenance Not Going To Cut It?

If fence maintenance isn’t going to fix your problems, then it’s time you got a new fence.

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