Cantilever Slide Gates

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The cantilever gate is supported by rails that run along the inside of the fence structure, getting its name from the fact that the gate cantilevers, or hangs over the opening. They are typically constructed to be wider than slide gates because they require a section along the fence structure for the gate to be supported. This section is called a counterbalance and will typically be at least half the width of the entire opening. A cantilever slide gate will not require any lateral space as swing gates demand.
the manufacturing of a 60 foot cantilever slide gate
the manufacturing of a 60 foot cantilever slide gate
placing huge cantilever slide gate on back of truck
placing huge cantilever slide gate on back of truck

Secure and Safe

Cantilever gates are more reliable, secure, and safer than regular slide gates. There are various applications for heavy duty, commercial, and industrial purposes. They are suspended across the gate opening from the counterbalance, thus eliminating rollers on the ground which may create friction or become obstructed.

Manufacturing Specifications

All gates manufactured at Atlantic Fence feature an enclosed track to ensure your gate will open and close smoothly for years to come. We vow to meet your exact specifications and promise short lead times. We make sure to install the gates perfectly level, ensuring the combination of proper design, fabrication, and installation. Together this will reduce friction during operation and prolong the life of a gate operator. We guarantee to provide smooth operation resulting in low maintenance.

Superior Engineering

Atlantic Fence’s cantilever slide gate systems are engineered and developed to meet the demanding requirements that commercial and industrial applications require. We construct our gates using aircraft grade aluminum alloy parts. We then hard-truss them, and if necessary, manufacture intricate diagonal bracing to help prevent gate sag, a combination resulting in a heavily fortified gate.

Economical Options

Atlantic Fence also offers steel cantilever slide gates as well as Aluminum. Steel is a more economical option. We construct these gates using industrial strength steel pipe and utilize heavy duty hardware. They are made to order and can be custom built to meet your exact specifications.