Unique Garden Gates

unique garden gate

10 Garden Gate Ideas

Are you looking to add just a little splash of something unique to your yard but not willing to commit to adorning the whole fence? Consider these unique garden gates as inspiration.

  • Repurpose an Antique Front DoorDon’t throw away that old front door! It makes a unique garden gate. Use oversized hinges or interesting door pulls for an additional touch of style.

repurpose an antique door for gate

  • Upcycle Gates – Old gates are always turning up at flea markets. Consider using this antique style to add a one of a kind appeal to your garden entrance.

upcycle for gate ideas

  • Decorate with a Tile Mosiac or Marbles – Use a strong glue or clear silicone to adhere this whimsical touch to your gate. Or, drill holes in your gate and place the marbles in the holes so they will reflect the light.

mosaic marbles tile for gate ideas

  • Embellish with a Whimsical Carving – Carve a Celtic knot, a pineapple, initials or numbers. It may take a little skill actually to carve the wood. Not that adventurous? Hang plaques or signs in place of carving.

embellished shapes for gate ideas

  • French Double Door – Using two French Style doors, that open like shutters, creates an interesting entrance.

double french doors for gate ideas

  • Window Accent – Install a little door within your gate, or repurpose an artistic grate or window insert.

window accents for gate ideas

  • Build a Rustic Gate Using Branches – Have a lot of trees that are always shedding branches? Gather the most interesting ones and construct a basic, rustic style gate.

build a rustic gate with branches

  • Garnish with Garden Tools – Not sure what to do with old garden tools? Decorate your gate with old rakes, shovel, and hoes.


  • Utilize a Theme – Think Japanese or English Garden. Choose a style to utilize from the entrance throughout your garden and yard.

utilize theme for gate ideas

  • Pop of Color – Adding a pop of bright or unusual color will draw attention to your garden entrance, creating a warm welcome for guests.

use a pop of color for gate ideas


Hopefully, we have inspired you! If you need accessories or advice for building unique garden gates, contact Atlantic Fence. Our technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. We are all a great resource for helpful hints and tips!