Before Installing a Fence: 5 Things You Need to Know

before installing a fence

Studies have shown that fences increase property values and add a sense of security. No matter why you need a fence or what kind of fence you are building, there are fundamentals you should know before installing a fence.

1. Calculate Your Budget

This is much easier to figure out if you know the reason you need a fence. This allows you to easily understand the specifications you want when you build it, allowing you to budget appropriately. Make sure to build in some variable costs as unexpected changes are bound to occur. Your budget will more than likely dictate every other step of the process, so make sure to do this first.

2. DIY or Contractor

It might seem like something you want to decide before setting your budget but really your budget dictates what you can afford. If your budget doesn’t allow for a contractor, then you need to decide if you are handy enough to do this on your own. Also, calculate the time it takes. Maybe it is worth getting a different style fence to save costs and get a contractor. They can save you time, will take care of any necessary paperwork and make sure to avoid gas and water lines.

3. Choosing Fence Materials

Now that you have determined your budget and who is going to build it, you can see what materials you can afford. There are a lot of different materials and styles. Make sure you check with your county and homeowner’s association before you start deciding. There could be mandates on what you can and cannot use. If you hire a contractor, they should be able to steer you in the right direction. Still not sure, contract Atlantic Fence and we are happy to help!

4. Know Your Property Line

It is important to know the legal perimeter of your property. If you do not own a copy, or cannot locate your deed, hire a Land Surveyor. You need to figure this out before you even design the fence if it is going along your perimeter or could possibly impede on your neighbor’s property. It will help to avoid boundary issues with your neighbor, or other municipal disputes.

5. Create Appropriate Access Points

Don’t box yourself in! It is important to have gates and access points into the area you have fenced in. Two points of entry are recommended. If it is a backyard, having a fence big enough to have a truck back into usually is helpful. Also, make sure your gate hardware is easy to use if you need to be able to unlock or open it from both sides, consider that before deciding on what you need. If you are hiring a contractor, making sure you are on the same page as design goes very far in making sure you are pleased with the final product.

Whether you decide to DIY or to hire a fence contractor you can trust the expert team at Atlantic Fence. We manufacture our materials on site and guarantee all our products. Plus, our technicians are available to answer all your questions from the start to the finish of your fencing project. If there is anything else you need to know before installing a fence, contact us today!