Creative Garden Fence Ideas

creative garden fence ideas planter flower boxes

Is your backyard looking a little drab? With a mix of a little ingenuity and a splash of creativity, in as little as a weekend you can transform your yard. Here are some creative garden fence ideas that are approachable and will make your fence an artistic statement.

Bird Houses

You can find old birdhouses at yard sales or the Goodwill Store, or pick up the unpainted kind at the craft store and have a fun craft weekend with the friends and family painting and decorating. Choose a section of your fence and hang all the birdhouses in a random arrangement.

Bird Feeder

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Planters/Flower Boxes

Not just for windows! Find finished, or paint your own then fasten the boxes symmetrically or geometrically on your fence. Perfect for herb and vegetables and flowers, especially if your yard has limited ground space for a garden.

Planter Flower Box


Enchanting Lights

What could be easier than just hanging strands of lights along your fence? Add a touch of magic with a net of lights draped over the fence panel. Use fun-shaped novelty lights to create a theme. Make sure to secure any chords, though, to prevent tripping hazards.

Beautiful Lights on a Fence

Old License Plates

Collect old license plates? An excellent way to display them is to create a collage. Want to start a collection. Purchase them online or at local flea markets. Have fun with it! Arrange them symmetrically or randomly. And, the more weathered they get the cooler they look.

License Plates on a Fence

Painted Flower Pots

Terracotta pots are inexpensive and can quickly become pieces of art with paint and trinkets attached to them. This is another project that you can recruit your friends and family. You will end up with an impressive variety of styles and designs.

Painted Flower Pots on a Fence

Fun Painted Fences

Unlike Huck Finn, you won’t have to trick anyone to help with this craft! Give everyone their designated area, a variety of paint and let their creativity soar. Choose only a section or decorate the entire fence.

Painted Fence with lots of colors


Wooden Crates

Collect old wooden crates from grocery and wine stores (think clementine boxes). Many will give them away or charge a minimal amount. Decorate them or keep them natural and hang them on the fence. The make funky shadowboxes for collectibles or flower pots.

Wooden crate on a fence

Mason Jars

There is almost no end to the uses for Mason Jars. One fun way to add a little light to your yard is to wrap the neck in wire, fill the jar one-third with pebbles, and place a tea light inside on the pebbles. Then hang it from plant hooks drilled into your fence.

Mason Jars hanging from a fence


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