5 Things You Didn’t Know About Stockade Fences

5 things you didn't know about stockade fences

Ever since the first fence was erected, fencing has had three purposes – to keep things out, to keep things in and to keep prying eyes away. No other fence has done that longer than the stockade fence. Not only does it have a long and storied past, but it also has interesting features that help it continue to be a popular fence choice for homeowners and commercial property owners alike.

1. The Stockade Fence Dates Back to the Romans.

Ever since man has taken up his weapon against another, stockade fences have been in existence in some form. However, the Romans were the first group to make the stockade a regular feature of their military camps or settlements as a way to keep troops, weapons, and provisions secure. Soldiers would clear a space of land, sharpen both ends of the trees that had been used whole or cut in half, and stand the logs side by side in a trench around the edge of the encampment. Sometimes, they would reinforce the stockade with more sticks in a secondary trench or coat the logs with clay or mud for extra protection against the elements.

2. Stockade Fences Were Once Used as a Temporary Measure.

While clearing trees and erecting a stockade fence was labor intensive, it was faster than creating a stone wall around an area. However, often early settlers would erect a stockade fence and then fortify the inside with a rock or brick wall. The stockade would sometimes be removed and the logs used for structures instead of fencing.

3. Today’s Stockade Fence is Used For Privacy, Not Battle Defense.

Stockade fence is still in use today as an affordable, beautiful alternative to wood or vinyl panels. However, rather than using them as a fortification from the enemy, today’s stockade fences are prized for the privacy they offer to homeowners or commercial building owners. Relatively inexpensive and easy to install, stockade fences can keep your neighbor’s prying eyes away from your parties.

4. Stockade Fences are Compliant With City Ordinances.

While some communities have strict guidelines for fences, stockade fences are compliant with many city and county ordinances throughout Maryland. Available in a variety of heights, many stockade fences can be installed without a city permit as long as they are shorter than eight feet tall. They are also suitable for use in pool enclosures as a lower cost alternative to decorative metal fencing or more attractive alternative to chain link fencing.

5. Stockade Fences are Beautiful on Both Sides.

Traditionally, people who installed a fence would turn the finished side to their neighbor’s property, leaving the “back” facing their own. For some types of fences, this means having to live with visible posts rather than the beautiful panels on the other side. Since they are made from individual posts, stockade fences offer an interesting design pattern on both sides.

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