Farm Fences: What You Need to Know

farm fence

Deciding on the type of fence you want for your property requires wading through numerous options. In spite of its name, a farm fence might not be necessarily restricted just to farms or commercial uses. There are also visually pleasing options that can be used on a residential property that add value and charm.

Farm Fencing for Commercial Properties

When it comes to a farm fence for a commercial operation such as a dairy, ranch or other working property, the requirements will often be very specific. While aesthetics can be a factor, the most important considerations are likely to be practicality and cost.

A wooden stockade fence is a strong and durable choice for keeping livestock in a certain area and away from busy streets. It provides a significant amount of both security and privacy. Though stockade fencing has a long and varied history, the latest designs have been significantly updated to provide sturdy and durable protection.

A chain link fence is a versatile and value-conscious choice when it comes to a farm fence. Ideal for keeping a variety of animals contained, chain link fence is easy to install and often less expensive than some other fencing types. In addition to the traditional galvanized color, chain link fence also comes in green and black. Special colors are also available to match your needs. Ask Atlantic Fence & Supply, and we’ll work with you to get you the colors you want!

Other farm fence options include various types of wooden fencing. The chances are that there is a wooden fence appropriate for your needs. Talk to the fencing experts at Atlantic Fence & Supply, and we can help you narrow down your options.

Farm Fencing for Residential Use

Farm fencing is also a popular option for residential use. A split rail wooden fence, for example, is a charming and rustic option. It is an effective choice that is popular for keeping large animals, such as pet horses and cows, contained. Also, many homeowners enjoy the look of a split rail fence and use it as an ornamental option.

Chain link fence is also a great choice for residential properties. Keeping smaller animals, such as dogs, goats, and llamas contained is made easier with a chain link fence. Adding kennel fencing allows you to effectively keep dogs separated from one another while still giving them ample space. Temporary fencing can be used to efficiently divide a yard or property when it’s needed for just a short time.

Farm Fence Gates

The primary consideration for a gate is its ease of operation and its size. Whether you are focused squarely on practicality, or you want one that will add beauty to your residential property, Atlantic Fence Supply can guide you on your best options.

Atlantic Fence & Supply maintains a 5,000 square-foot warehouse that’s stocked with a variety of farm fence options. Head down to visit us in person and pick up what you need or consult with our sales team or contact us for a free estimate.

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