How to Make the Best Use of Decorative Fence Panels

Decorative fence panels are perfect for residences in Maryland. There are lots of different ways to make the best use of decorative fence panels. Here are just a handful of them.

Poolside Privacy

Decorative fence panels make excellent privacy screens for homeowners with backyard swimming pools. Keep pry eyes from viewing your family members as they play in and near the swimming pool. Decorative fence panels around the pool also act as a safety feature, preventing neighborhood kids from being tempted to trespass on the property while the homeowner is away.

Backyard Vegetable Garden Perimeter

Decorative fence panels work well as a backyard garden perimeter. Garden critters can be kept away from the harvest, ensuring that edible vegetables and herbs are saved. Decorative fence panels around the backyard garden also work as an attractive showcase for the garden itself. This is where the backyard gardener can plant a border of pretty flowers along the outside base of the fence line.

Backyard Seating Area

Even if you don’t have a backyard patio, you can make a backyard seating area that feels like a patio with decorative fence panels. To do, simply mark out where you want your seating area to be. Have a fence contractor like Atlantic Fence Supply come out and install the fence. Next, lay down some kind of covering, such as small pebbles or gravel to make the area even more different than the rest of the backyard. Place tables, benches, and chairs along with tables and umbrellas for an instant outdoor living space that your friends and family will love!

Front Yard Curb Appeal

One of the easiest ways to add curb appeal to your front yard is to install decorative fence panels. Decorative fence panels are an instant way to draw positive attention to your home. This lovely addition can be used as a centerpiece for a row of flowering shrubs, a stand for a cute mailbox, or simply to designate the boundaries between your property and your neighbor’s property.

What Materials to Choose?

Decorative fence panels come in many different choices of materials. What material you choose will depend on how you are going to use the decorative fence panels.

Wrought iron or faux wrought iron, is best for applications where you want to be able to see through from both sides of the decorative fencing. Wrought iron is attractive around the perimeter of the front yard, and as a border around an outside seating area in the backyard.

PVC decorative fence panels are excellent when privacy is the main function of the fencing. PVC decorative fence panels are especially durable. They are fire resistant and do not succumb to termites, mold, fungus or dry rot. With a PVC decorative fence installation, you have a wide variety of styles available to you, as well as a choice of attractive colors to choose from. With PVC decorative fence panels, you’ll easily be able to complement your existing home color and architectural style.

For more information about the options available with decorative fencing, contact Atlantic Fence & Supply today! We offer delivery and installation in and around Maryland.

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