Want a “Mesh Up” Between Chain Link and Rail Fencing? We’ve Got You Covered!

Whether you are a livestock owner looking to keep small pets out of your pastures, or a homeowner trying to find a functional deck railing that will keep small children safe, you may be frustrated by your options. Rail fencing, whether split rails used in livestock fences or those used in traditional deck rails, are ineffective at keeping small animals (or children) contained.

Chain link fencing is more expensive, but often comes down as horses “walk over” the fence. Many homeowners also prefer a more natural finish for their decks, yards and other enclosures. Fortunately, there is a solution that incorporates natural elements of a rail fence with the strength and effectiveness of chain link.

Wire Mesh Fences

Made from welded wire mesh, mesh fences are ideal for keeping livestock separate from smaller animals, and small animals and children right where you want them. These fences can be constructed of rolls of wire mesh, perfect for large, linear areas, or small welded panels reinforced with welded metal and wood or composite materials. In both cases, the wire mesh is coated with UV and weather resistant vinyl that can stand up to years of sun, rain, snow, and humidity without sacrificing strength or appearance.

Is it safe?

Livestock owners are primarily concerned with the safety of their animals. Barbed wire is effective at keeping animals from wandering too close to the fence, but often results in injured horses and cows. Split rail fences maintain pasture lands, but do not protect livestock from smaller predators. Tightly wound horizontal wires keep small hooves from stepping through fences while its sturdy construction keep livestock from “climbing” the fence. Widely recognized as the safest option for livestock, wire mesh fences are easily installed and virtually maintenance free.

Panels vs Rolls

Welded wire mesh does not stretch like chain link fencing does making it ideal for large areas where sagging can occur over time. Wire mesh is available in rolls, perfect for large, linear jobs where posts are being installed as support structures. Most mesh fencing can be installed with pliers and rings once posts are securely inserted into the ground. For smaller projects, custom fabricated wire mesh panels are available that can easily be installed into a deck or existing split rail or picket fence for added security. These fence panels are made from wood or composite materials and can be installed in a few minutes, using a few basic tools.

Ultimately, a wire mesh fence is the perfect “mesh up” between chain link and rail fencing, offering security for livestock and people at a price point that won’t break the bank. Easily installed and easily maintained, wire mesh fence panels and rolls can be put up in a few hours with a few tools and a little know-how. For more information on wire mesh fences or to start your custom wire mesh fence project, visit Atlantic Fence today. One of our fencing experts will be happy to get you started.


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