The Best Types of Commercial Fencing

types of commercial fencing

You may think buying and installing a fence for your commercial property would be simple, right? But, with so many choices on the market, it can be difficult figuring out the best types of commercial fencing for your business and building’s aesthetic. While some companies are strictly concerned about finding the most secure fencing, others would like the fencing to add curb appeal. We have listed the best types and styles to help you make an informed decision.

Chain Link

Chain link installs fast and efficiently. It has an identical appearance from all sides. It can be powder coated in many colors. This fencing is ideal for when you are setting up a secure perimeter quickly. There are slats available for privacy that also help reduce the wind, noise, and dust. Chain link fencing could even be utilized indoors in warehouses to create separate secure storage areas for valuable goods and products. The steel construction is extra durable, resists corrosion, and lasts for years. This fencing is perfect for industrial, construction, and warehouse sites.


Some say that vinyl is final, and they may be right. Since vinyl fencing is UV protected, and the color goes through the material, it never needs painting. The posts do not shrink or rot, decompose or rust. Except for periodic cleaning, there is little to no maintenance for the life of the product. Its lightweight requires proper installation to withstand extreme weather, and it may crack if hit in extreme cold. Vinyl fencing has many applications, especially within housing communities. And, because if its aesthetic appeal, it is both decorative and secure.


Wood is a natural choice for farm-style fences. These fences have many agricultural applications, ranging from decorative split rail fences to posts for electric and wire mesh fencing. It is an appealing choice because the wood can either blend in or enhance the natural surroundings. Also, it will enhance the bucolic farm setting while ensuring a trusted security measure. There are many options available, especially accessories for livestock containment.

Pool Fencing

Perfect for marinas and municipal public pools and rec centers or hotels with outdoor pools. Every state has rules and regulations regarding public pool fencing for safety. Our technicians are knowledgeable regarding these guidelines and can help you to determine not only the best fencing for your needs but will ensure it is compliant with state laws. Atlantic Fence has several designs, whether functional or decorative. All pool fencing is specifically manufactured to comply with BOCA codes for swimming pool safety.

Steel and Aluminum Ornamental

Steel and aluminum ornamental fencing is an industry standard and a favorite for many commercial uses. Manufactured of heavy-duty metal, it is extremely sturdy and durable. While the appearance can be ornamental or commercial, because of its robust design, it offers added security. The heavy gauge material is powder coated with an acrylic finish for a low maintenance finished product. The color will not fade. There are preassemble panels available for easy installation. There is no end to the security and decorative uses for steel and aluminum fencing.


Newer to the market, composite fencing is a mix of resin, or plastic, with wood. The design appearance is that of natural wood or stone and is available in many colors. It offers complete privacy and comes in many heights for added security. The decorative look is popular for a garden, farming, and perimeter fencing. These fences are comprised of a heavyweight material that is manufactured using recycled wood fibers. Therefore it is durable and secure.

Barbed Wire or Razor Wire

Barbed wire construction consists of a wire with sharp edges or pointed barbs located a spaced intervals along the strand. Similar to barbed wire, we manufacturer razor wire using a single high tension sire strand. Sharp barbs are then added by a crimping machine along the entire length. Razor wire is usually used on top of fences and walls as a security measure. Barbed wire has many agricultural uses, especially in livestock fencing. Both fencing types are ideal for containment, protection, and security. They also serve as a practical, and less expensive divider and deterrent.

Wooden Privacy

Wood fencing has several appealing qualities that make it versatile enough for a variety of commercial applications. There is a variety of style available including picket and flat panel privacy. The panels are preassembled, so the fence is installed easily and quickly. Many business owners appreciate the aesthetic appeal of this type of fencing. It is perfect for restaurants featuring outdoor patio seating or for designated picnic areas in private housing communities. Consider it to add a rustic, homey flair to shopping centers and markets. Lastly, it can provide a functional, appealing way to hide unsightly items like dumpsters, recycling containers, or HVAC units.