What is Temporary Fencing and When Should You Use It

when to use temporary fence

Residential and commercial fencing adds safety, aesthetics, and privacy to any home or business, but what if you do not want or need permanent fencing? Temporary fencing can offer fencing solutions for instances in which permanent fences would not suffice.

What is Temporary Fencing?

Simply put, a temporary fence is a fence that is not installed permanently; it is easily installed and easily removed. Temporary fences are chain link panels that are supported by feet and braces rather than secured being into the ground. The panels are then secured to each other with couplers. We offer traditional chain link or mesh panels. The temporary fence can be further customized with accessories such as gates and handrails.

When Should Temporary Fencing Be Used?

Temporary fencing should be used when permanent fencing is not feasible or when the fence will only be needed for a short period. The most popular reasons to utilize temporary fencing include:

Construction sites

Temporary fencing is a must for construction sites. Between the dangers of a construction site (large foundations, uneven ground, unfinished aspects of the building, falling materials, moving machine parts) and expensive equipment, a temporary fence protects building sites from theft and vandalism while protecting individuals from harming themselves unintentionally on the worksite.

Traveling fairs

During the warm summer months, pop-up fairs and carnivals make their mark with Tilt-A-Whirls and cotton candy. Temporary fences can separate the various sections of the fairs while making admissions easier; for instance, gated fences, in particular, can allow access to only the ticketed guests.


Both small town races and big city marathons use temporary fences to create sections and mark the path for the cheering crowd and the runners.


Like a construction site, remodeling a house can benefit from a temporary fence. Perhaps you’re adding an addition to your garage or taking on a massive exterior remodel? Using a temporary fence can protect the integrity of the worksite, contain tools and equipment, and keep stray critters away from any open or exposed areas of your house.


Temporary fences are not just for big businesses and races. Residential homes can benefit from a temporary fence too! For instance, a big landscaping project could benefit from the protection of a fence. In the case of re-sodding a yard or completely re-doing the entire yard, a fence will keep out critters, who might inadvertently stir up piles of mulch, stones, or dirt.

Weddings and Private Gatherings

As outdoor and backyard weddings continue to grow in popularity, temporary fences can play an integral role in keeping weddings safe. Temporary fences can cordon off traffic from the wedding venue, keep guests contained in one area (particularly important if alcohol is being served), and keep unwanted guests from crashing the wedding. Handrails and gates are two fence options that complement this type of usage of temporary fences.

Is a Temporary Fence the Right Solution for You?

Do you think your gathering, event, or project could benefit from a temporary fence? Contact us for a free estimate, and we can answer any of your questions.

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