Talking About Wood Fence Panels is Like Watching Paint Dry

wood fence panels

Then, why are we talking about them?

Because according to the American Fence Association (yes, there is such a thing) wood is still the most common fencing material used in America.

Because wood fence panels are made from renewable materials, withstand weathering, require little maintenance, and is among the most versatile fencing material available.

Because wood fence panels can be customized to every aesthetic, every budget, and every yard.

And because fencing is our passion. Keep reading about this interesting aspect of wood fence supplies.

What Wood is Used in Wood Fence Panels?

The easy answer to this question is, “It depends.”

It depends on how long you plan to keep the fence, how much maintenance you are willing to perform on the fence, and where you live. There are three common types of wood used in fence panels. It is important to note that spending a little more on the materials, to begin with, will often save money in repair and replacement costs in the long run.


cedar wood fence panels


Naturally insect and rot resistant, cedar is one of the most common choices for wood fence panels. Best of all, cedar fences are naturally beautiful and require nothing more than a protective coating every few year to maintain their appearance.

White Oak

white oak wood fence panels

Less expensive than cedar, white oak fences weather well but tend to bow and warp over time. Oak fences will need to be stained and treated on a regular basis to maintain their structural integrity as well as their appearance.

Pressure Treated Pine

pressure treated pine wood fence panels

The least expensive of all of the wood panel materials, pressure treated pine, is ideal for homeowners on a budget. Readily available and easy to install, pressure treated pine can weather well for as many as 20 years if it is properly maintained.

In Virginia, cedar wood fence panels are still king for their ability to maintain their shape in humid conditions as the temperature swings from sweltering in the summer to frigid in the winter. However, oak and pine fences still do well for many years if they are stained and maintained.

The Case for Wood Fence Panels

In recent years, vinyl has become the fencing material of choice for homeowners because it offers privacy, is low maintenance, and comes in a variety of styles and colors. However, wood fence panels offer the same levels of privacy as vinyl and arguably more versatility.

Tired of staring at a white vinyl fence? You could always swap out the panels for a new color.

Tired of staring at a regular wooden fence? Why not style it with stencils, paint, lights, plants, and new stain that will breathe new life into your outdoor space.

Wood fence panels are also environmentally friendly. Made from renewable materials, in ways that are environmentally sound, wood is an ideal material for those with interest in limiting their effect on the planet.

Easy to install and simple to maintain, wood fence panels are still the king of the yard. For more information on the right wood fence panel for your project, contact Atlantic Fence & Supply.

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