What is Temporary Fencing and When Should You Use It

when to use temporary fence

Residential and commercial fencing adds safety, aesthetics, and privacy to any home or business, but what if you do not want or need permanent fencing? Temporary fencing can offer fencing solutions for instances in which permanent fences would not suffice. What is Temporary Fencing? Simply put, a temporary fence is a fence that is not installed permanently; it is easily … Read More

What You Need to Know About Choosing a Dog Fence

dog fence

If you’ve ever watched a group of dogs play in the dog park, you know that dogs of all breeds love to run and play outside. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get to the dog park on a daily basis, so maintaining a fenced yard is key to ensuring your pup has a safe place to exercise and play. … Read More

The Original Meaning of Post Up (Split Rail Fence Posts)

split rail fence posts

Once upon a time, when someone would talk about putting a “post up” they weren’t referring to playing near the key in basketball, they were talking about actual fence posts, specifically split rail fence posts. Used for hundreds of years to keep livestock inside of large corrals, split rail fences never went out of style for farming or ranching operations, … Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Stockade Fences

5 things you didn't know about stockade fences

Ever since the first fence was erected, fencing has had three purposes – to keep things out, to keep things in and to keep prying eyes away. No other fence has done that longer than the stockade fence. Not only does it have a long and storied past, but it also has interesting features that help it continue to be … Read More

Talking About Wood Fence Panels is Like Watching Paint Dry

wood fence panels

Then, why are we talking about them? Because according to the American Fence Association (yes, there is such a thing) wood is still the most common fencing material used in America. Because wood fence panels are made from renewable materials, withstand weathering, require little maintenance, and is among the most versatile fencing material available. Because wood fence panels can be … Read More

When is a Post Not Just a Post? (Chain Link Fence Posts)

chain link fence posts

There are several things in life we never give a second thought to. We don’t usually stop to consider why birds can sit on power lines without being shocked. We often ignore the feat of engineering that is the modern freeway system, especially in major cities where converging ramps resemble a spaghetti bowl. And chances are, you have never looked … Read More

The Best Commercial Fencing for Severe Weather

commercial fencing severe weather

The Chesapeake Region is no stranger to sudden severe changes in weather: from hurricane force winds to driving sleet to blizzards as well as intense pop-up thunderstorms and blazing summer heat. The type of commercial fencing you chose for your property is paramount to the security and safety of your perimeter and inventory. 

The Best Types of Commercial Fencing

types of commercial fencing

You may think buying and installing a fence for your commercial property would be simple, right? But, with so many choices on the market, it can be difficult figuring out the best types of commercial fencing for your business and building’s aesthetic. While some companies are strictly concerned about finding the most secure fencing, others would like the fencing to … Read More

Unique Garden Gates

unique garden gate

10 Garden Gate Ideas Are you looking to add just a little splash of something unique to your yard but not willing to commit to adorning the whole fence? Consider these unique garden gates as inspiration. Repurpose an Antique Front Door – Don’t throw away that old front door! It makes a unique garden gate. Use oversized hinges or interesting … Read More